Short Bio

I'm now a PhD candidate (the fourth year) at Wuhan University majoring in computer vision under the supervision of Prof. Gui-Song Xia in CAPTAIN group. I received my B.Sc. degree in Basic Mathematics at Schoole of Mathematics and Statistics, Wuhan University in 2016. Currently, my research interests include graph matching, optimization and 3D computer vision.


2020. 02: Two papers about outlier-robust graph matching and wireframe parsing are accepted by CVPR 2020.
2019. 12: Our work on learning line-segment detection “Learning Regional Attraction for Line Segment Detection” has been accepted by IEEE TPAMI.
2019. 05: Our work on graph matching "A Functional Representation for Graph Matching" has been accepted by IEEE TPAMI.
2019. 02: One paper about line-segment detection is accepted by CVPR 2019.
2018. 07: One paper about graph matching is accepted by ECCV 2018.